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your story?

Share your stories with us!

Story of Yeovil is an ongoing project to shape Yeovil's past, present and future from different perspectives and by our community from diverse backgrounds who brought imagination and creativity to the project.

Check out our interactive map that provides an immersive experience with audio, visual and written text that we have gathered from members of the community throughout the project, including Heritage Forums, Creative Writing Workshops and contributors to our public programme.  The map can be accessed everywhere from your computer, tablet and mobile phone.

To enable the GPS-located media function we recommend using the map on your mobile phone. It means the sound will be played when you near each location on the map. To do so:
1. Go to the chosen location indicated on the map
2. Open the map on a new browser on your mobile phone.

We are keen to hear your stories, if you wish to put your story on the map, please see the instructions below.

How to use the map?

To explore the map...

  1. Click 'LISTEN'
  2. Zoom in to the drop points on the map
  3. Tap the drop points and press play on the pop-up to hear that audio alone; OR
  4. Click the play button at the bottom of the screen and move about to hear the audio clips appear automatically when you approach each location.

To share your story...

  1. Click 'SPEAK'
  2. Type a postcode/address in the bar, select on the map or ‘use my location’ (this is where your recording will be on the map)
  3. Click the microphone icon to record your story, or click the upload icon to submit a pre-recorded audio to upload.
  4. If you wish to add a photo or text, select the middle button ‘add media’ and upload from your device. You can add max 3 photos and one block of text!
  5. Click submit to upload!

If anything goes wrong, please feel free to contact us by email storyofyeovil@yeovilartspace.uk (The email will be monitored once a week)

The audio map was developed by digital artists Gavin Morris and producer Stephen Ives for the Story of Yeovil project.

It is built using Roundware - an actively developed open-source project developed by Halsey Burgund. Roundware was initially developed for sound art installations but has since been used for innovative museum audio tours as well as other educational purposes.

What are your experiences in Yeovil in the past, present and future?
What can you see, smell and hear?



If you would like to find out how to get involved and learn more about the project, please email us at